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Sorry for the spam, y'all.

The hardest part of packing thus far has been deciding what to put on the iPod. :P

Socially Awkward Picnic: The Sequel!
(Tighter advertising budget, smaller cast, rushed production.)

I guess the current plan is to meet at Green Park tube station around three on the 31st and then go... somewhere. If I could make a poll, it would have these options:

  • I'll be there.
  • I can't make it, but will join you later.
  • This is a stupid plan.

Aug. 28th, 2011

Only two more days of work left! Thank fuck. I'm a so damn sick of it, and I miss school, and I'm feeling kind of trapped and claustrophobic in this town.

I feel kind of hideously ill-prepared for my UK trip, but I don't usually plan that much, anyway. I have accommodation and a map, I'll manage. I'm also thinking of getting a pay-as-you-go SIM with some sort of a data package (T-Mobile's plan sounds good enough) because I have a problem it would be nice to be able to check things on the go. I do have a rough itinerary:

  • Wed Aug 31st: flight lands just after nine, will probably just spend the day dicking around in London.
  • Thurs Sept 1st: extremely nerdy outing to Bletchley Park in the morning, possibly York, Edinburgh in the evening
  • Fri Sept 2nd: touristy stuff in Edinburgh
  • Sat Sept 3rd: leaving for Inverness in the morning, spending the day there and coming down to Glasgow in the evening
  • Sun Sept 4th: touristy stuff (and I might squeeze in the Glee movie, I'm only a little ashamed)
  • Mon Sept 5th: arriving in London maybe in the late afternoon
  • Tues Sept 6th: flight leaves Heathrow at 18:40, lands in Helsinki woefully late
  • Wed Sept 7th: Sleep. I magically have no classes on Wednesdays this quarter, score.

But, yeah, I roughly know what I'd like to see in Scotland, but I've done absolutely no planning for the London portion. It's a city I know decently well and it's not likely to be boring. :P Mostly I just want to see people. totaldrwhofreak is very kindly letting me stay at hers when I'm in London, and I know faeries_bite and inappropriately have said they'll probably be around, and apiphile might join me on my nerd day trip to Bletchley Park, and thecatinthetree will be in Edinburgh. Anyone else?

Aug. 4th, 2011

Hello, people of LJ. It's been a while. Again. Like usual, I'm on Twitter and Tumblr way more, so I'm really out of practice with, like, actual sentences.

I'm still working. The job is incredibly dull, but at least it's temporary. I can't wait for the month to be over, so I can run off to the UK to take trains and hang out with my bros, and then go back to uni.

I've noticed that I'm always moderately miserable in the summer, which I think is primarily because I'm so so bored and my brain rebels at stagnation. I always complain about and procrastrinate with coursework, but honestly there are few things I love more than doing maths when the problems are neither impossible nor too easy. I'm already looking at courses for next term, but the physics department is fucking useless at practical stuff, so they have no info up yet. I think I'm going to take a notoriously difficult integration and measure theory course, Differential Equations II, Mathematical Methods for Physicists I (another course with a vaguely sinister reputation), and one maths course that's actually meant for grad students. I've taken all the prerequisites already, and it's a part of the master's program I have my eye on.

That would mean that I still won't have to decide if I want to major in theoretical physics or maths. I really would rather pick physics, but I've done almost everything required for a maths degree already and I kind of want to do my master's in mathematical physics, which is a maths department program, AND  I wouldn't have to do labs. On the other hand, I'm really not mathematician material. WHY IS LIFE SO DIFFICULT whine whine whine.

May. 11th, 2011

This 'posting consistently' malarkey clearly isn't for me. :P Twitter and Tumblr have ruined me for forms of communication that require complete sentences.

What's been going on with my life: fuck all, that's what. I'm only taking two proper courses, because I felt about five minutes away from a nervous breakdown. I'm probably swapping majors (maths to theoretical physics), so I'm not going to get my BSc until 2013 anyway. I have an exam and an essay this week, and on Monday I start my summer job. It's almost guaranteed to drive me to tears with tedium at some point, but I need the work so mustn't complain.

My last day is August 30th, and classes start around September 5th. This means that I have 1. disposable income and 2. time off. Travel time!

I discovered the BritRail pass a few days ago. You can buy it outside the UK, and it's valid on all trains on the national rail network for a certain number of days. I really love trains, and I've only been to London, Oxford and Cambridge, so it sounds all kinds of awesome.

The route I'm considering is one of their suggested itineraries: London - Cambridge - York - Edinburgh - Inverness - Glasgow - Windermere - London. I think I can fit that into my timeframe with full days in both Edinburgh and Glasgow, especially if I fly to London in the morning on the 31st and back home in the evening on the 6th. Nothing's set in stone, obviously, but I do want to visit Scotland in some way. Thoughts? Suggestions?

I'd be travelling alone, because none of my friends like travelling quite as much as I do. So, er, if any of you would like to meet up for drinks/coffee/shenanigans, that would be brilliant. :D

Dec. 29th, 2010

I had a cracking Christmas. It was lovely, not having Stuff To Do all the time.

(My sister got an Xbox. There was a lot of stupid flailing around with Kinect Adventures, which was also obscenely fun.)

Via Erin:

In 2011, prologi resolves to...
Overcome my secret fear of gears.
Volunteer to spend time with arctic monkeys.
Start a steampunk fund.
Drink four glasses of tea every day.
Tell my family about airships.
Pay for my no urges on time.
Get your own New Year's Resolutions:

The last one makes no sense, but I think the tea isn't going to be a problem. :D (Man, I have a lot of steampunky interests.)


Dec. 23rd, 2010

Well, FML. I did my nails for the first time in years in order to look vaguely civilised, and was shocked it turned out quite well. And today, when I was doing the dishes, I took a chunk out of one finger with a regular knife, like for cutting up food on your plate, not even a chopping knife. The plaster kinds of ruins the effect, to be honest. AND I should probably wash the dishes again because they're covered in blood.

(It's a really awesome nail polish colour, too. Dark purple/navy with purple glitter. :D )

Dec. 21st, 2010

Jeeves & Wooster
It's solstice, and thank fuck. The sun rose at 9:23, when I was taking an exam, and set at 15:12, when I was halfway through my Christmas shopping. On most days, I have lectures until four. It gets depressing. (Still, better than the year we got 20 hours of sunlight in all of December.)

In other news, we have ALL THE SNOW. Over 60cm, or two feet. It's madness, but at least the buses are still running and even following some sort of a schedule. (They don't have winter tires. England, watch and learn.)

I've spent this whole month in a state of vague panic, rushing from place to place and not doing any housework. Tomorrow is my last day at my pre-Christmas job sorting mail, for which I'm incredibly grateful. It wasn't a bad job, but I just really need to lie down and sleep for three days now.

In other news, I bought an insanely cute wool skirt from eBay a while ago, and it's only been warm enough to wear it twice. Grr. (By warm enough I mean above -5, which should tell you something of why this winter sucks balls.)

HERE HAVE A SONG. Charlie mentioned this band some time ago, and I looked them up because the name is amazing. The lyrics are almost too perfect to be real, for the sort of frame of mind I'm in. (I am enjoying my flat immensely, by the way. I haven't done the dishes in a week, though, but who cares.)

Casiotone for The Painfully Alone - Cold White Christmas
Since everyone seems to be doing this, and it's a fantastic meme.

Good thingsCollapse )

Things that don't make me happy:
1. Being too busy to even think

Sep. 14th, 2010

If there is one person or more on your friends list who makes your world a better place just because they exist and who you would not have met (in real life or not) without the internet, then post this same sentence in your journal.

That would be all of you. :D

Anyway, you might have noticed that I never post anything ever. I've been 1) lounging around at home doing nothing of any value, 2) going to see bands and 3) studying.

Re: 2. I went to Flow, which was pretty great, but full of hipsters. Got hit on my a guy in his thirties wearing an ironic trucker hat, whyyyy.

I've also seen OK Go, who were AMAZING. I think they were having a lot of fun playing such a small room, like a few hundred people. Their stage banter was excellent, and they had a confetti cannon.

Oh, and The New Pornographers last Sunday. They were also good, even though the drumkit kept falling apart.

Re: Studying. I'm taking Vector Calculus, Mechanics and Mathematical Tools for Physicists. The calculus course is alright. I like the lecturer but the first set of problems was a bit too difficult, largely because I'm thick. Mechanics is a lot of fun, just challenging enough and all that. :D The maths for physicists thing is too easy, but that might have something to do with the fact I've done a year of university-level maths already. :P

ALSO, I'm probably moving out of my parents' house in November. It's a tiny flat owned by a friend of my mum's, who's willing to rent it out at quite a lot below the market price, which is how I'm able to afford it. I've been doing some calculations, and (money I'm getting from the government)-(rent)-(assorted bills)-(food)=0. Oh well.
Good Omens
So, I've been reading some actual books lately! I have thoughts, which I shall present in a rambling, barely literate manner, because that's what I do best.

Cut for your convenience.Collapse )

I checked into my flight to London earlier today! I'm so fucking excited, even after I learned that while packing five days' stuff and a sleeping bag into a carry-on is technically possible, souvenir-buying will be hugely limited, and London has good bookshops. So I'm not taking the sleeping bag, but using my powers of improvisation and sleeping in below-optimal conditions.

I'm short, have fake-ginger hair and bright-red glasses. I'll be the one looking lost and/or nervous.


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